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Do you wanna make a difference? Do you wanna arrange fun and inspiring events to inform and engage young people in Gothenburg? If so, this is the volonteering group for you!

In the Event Group we strive to create discussion and interest in global issues among youngsters and children. To do so we arrange clothing exchange days, workshops and other activities to bring young people together despite gender, sexuality, ethnicity and religion. Together we have fun, can be creative and we make a difference in Gothenburg.

Everyone are welcome and we hope to hear from you soon!

What we do:

We brainstorm ideas and get creative with what we want to do and accomplish with our next event. When we have a rough idea we split the tasks and start for example contacting venues, talk to musicians for entertainment, artists for workshops and/or look up lectures that could be interesting. Then we carry out the event and have a lot of fun on the way.

When and where will the volunteering take place: 
We have our meetings on tuesdays or wednesday every other week at 18.00. When an event is coming up, sometimes we meet more often and of course we want you to attend the events.
Specific requirements and information: 
We are looking for people who like to plan and organize events, have social skills and love to work together with others. No specific previous knowledge needed. You will get the education and introduction that you need to be part of our group and will be given great opportunities to grow in the organization and in the Red Cross Youth Association.
Minimum time commitment: 
You are expected to be present at all meetings, twice a month.
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