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Uppsala International Short Film Festival is Sweden’s premier arena for short film and is one of the most important international cultural events in Uppsala. Every year the festival shows more than 300 short films in five different sections exploring the diversity and richness of the short film – from new film to retrospective programmes, from fiction film, documentaries and experimental film to animations. The 37th Uppsala International Short Film Festival takes place during the 22-28 October 2018.

Information meeting
We will have an information meeting at Slottsbiografen at 19:00 on September 12th.

For those who have a little more time to spare, we're also looking for coordinators for some of the areas presented below.

To make our festival great every year we need help from our beloved volunteers, that are needed in the following areas:

Ticket sale
Ticket salesmen / saleswomen are needed for the ticket sales at Stadsbiblioteket (the city library) before the festival (October 12-21) and during the festival week (October 22-28).

Theatre hosts
During the screenings the theatre hosts let people into the theatre and are present during the shows to make sure that there are no problems.

During the month of October posters, catalogues, folders, flyers, etc. need to be distributed in the city. We also host information booths for which volunteers are needed.

Guest office
During the festival week a large number of guests from the film industry and the media are visiting us. They are being helped by the guest office situated at the Regina, which will be open every day during the week. At the office we need a number of people who are service minded, skilled in languages and can cope with stress.

Children’s Film Festival
Kortfilmfestivalen UNG (Children’s Film Festival) screens films for children and young people between 4-15. The screenings take place during daytime Monday till Friday in the festival week. We are looking for Swedish speaking volunteers who can help out with admitting people into the theatre, translate the films and welcome the visitors.

Screening presentation
We are looking for volunteers who want to work in the screening presentation group. The task is to introduce and welcome the audience to the screenings at the festival.

Cinema Attendants
We are looking for 5-6 persons who want to work a bit more with the festival. The Cinema Attendants are each responsible for one cinema and have to
coordinate the work at this cinema and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Find us on:
Facebook: Uppsala International Short Film Festival
Instagram: uppsalakortfilmfestival
Twitter: @UppsalaFilmFest

Ps. There will be a kick-off party and of course a thank you-party after the festival.

When and where will the volunteering take place: 
During the festival week 22-28 October, but also the weeks leading up to it.
Specific requirements and information: 
No prior experience is needed, only a willingness to volunteer and have fun. English is the primary language. Each area will have additional informational meetings before the work begins.
Minimum time commitment: 
You volunteer as much as you want and can, but to get a festival pass to get in to screenings for free a minimum of 12 hours is expected.
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