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Do you have or do you know someone who has a burning commitment to human rights? Do you have or have this competence in the subject or previous experience of non-executive work? Then it may be the candidate for us!

The Malmö Board is a group of elected members in charge of governance in the Malmö area and its activities between the annual meetings. Other areas of responsibility are to ensure that the district business plan and annual meeting decisions are implemented. People are searched for the following positions:



Nomination Committee


Other members

The Board is appointed at the annual meeting held on March 5th. All members of Amnesty who are in the Malmö area are eligible for board members. New members become eligible for nomination in conjunction with a basic daily course.

We hope to hear from you!

// Amnesty Malmö Nomination Committee

När och var ska uppdraget genomföras: 
The board is chosen for a year and the work takes place in Malmö. Interested parties who are not living in Malmö is eligible, but need to be prepared to commute to Malmö to go to meetings and similar activities.
Specifika önskemål eller information: 
Boardmembers are expected to do be able to devote a couple of hours a week to the boardowork, both from home and from the Malmö office.
Anmäl intresse
Här beskriver du för organisationen varför du söker uppdraget.
Berätta mer om dig själv för organisationen. Exempelvis tidigare erfarenhet, kunskap eller annat du tror kan vara viktigt för ditt ideella engagemang.
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