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Girls in Sport works nationally and locally in Umeå to increase sport and outdoor opportunities for all in society as well as to create a more innovative and regenerative sports culture. This includes increasing knowledge of the role of sport in positive social change, mental and physical health, social cohesion and sustainable societies. The foundations work promotes equality, inclusion and diversity at all levels in sport and outdoor culture, locally, nationally and internationally. We started with a strong focus on girls empowerment through sport and gender equality is still a large part of our work.

We are a group of people who see opportunities to make society better through changing how we “do” and think about sport. We also want to make a positive change in society by the way that we work and how we run our organisation. We organise our workplace in such a way that it supports us in meeting our own needs as individuals as well as achieving our shared goals and vision.

We always have more great ideas than we can put into practice and so we want to try and find someone who can volunteer their time to helping us. It is important for us that you get the chance create your own role while you help us increase the impact we have, so perhaps you have a passion for creative communication and want to support us with that? or perhaps you want to take on a research project or contribute skills or time to one of the existing projects that we are running? We are open to suggestions!

När och var ska uppdraget genomföras: 
Umeå would be our preference however depending on the person and role location may not be important.
Specifika önskemål eller information: 
We will support you in getting started and in reaching your own goals for joining us. At the same time we are looking for someone with initiative, strategic thinking, and the drive to get things done and move ahead!
2-4 hours a week.
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