Volunteer at Kulturernas Karneval. Uppsalas most heartwarming culture festival.

Kulturernas Karneval, KulturAlla

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Do you want to make the world a happier place and spread some color and joy in Uppsala town?

Then become a volunteer at the Uppsala festival and carnival; Kulturernas Karneval 25 -26 May!

Kulturernas Karneveal (Carnival of Cultures in English) is one of the biggest cultural events in town. As a volunteer you can make a significant and appreciated contribution to the local cultural life of Uppsala. It is both an exciting and rewarding mission to be a volunteer at Kulturernas Karneval, You will meet a loads of new people and for sure make memories that will last a lifetime!
We will tailor your volunteer mission according to your time, availability and competence. The carnival takes place between the 25-26th of May, Volunteers shifts are available between 17-27th of May.

What is “Kulturernas Karneval”?
Carnival of Cultures celebrates the cultural diversity; it is a festival where people come together around different forms of cultural expressions that coexist in the community. Thanks for your contribution!

As a volunteer in Kulturernas Karneval:

  • You volunteer at least one shift of 4 hours before, during or after the carnival.
  • For every shift you work you get a meal and all the "fika" you want.
  • If you work at least 3 shifts (12 hours) you can ask for a volunteer certificate.
  • You get concrete instructions for what you are supposed to do, and information about who your team leaders are.
  • Your ideas and points of view are taken into account to further develop and improve the volunteer work at the festival.
  • If communicated and accepted on beforehand you get back the expenses you made to complete your volunteer work, such as travels.
  • You get invited to a party organized specially for volunteers.
  • You get to meet lots of new people and create happy memories that will last a lifetime!
Specifika önskemål eller information: 
At least one shift (4 hours).
Väpnargatan 24
75336 Uppsala
När och var genomförs uppdraget: 
Carolinaparken (Engelska parken) in Uppsala. Volunteer shifts are available during: preparations 23-24th of May,the carnival 25-26th of May, and after the carnival 27nd of May.
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